Medium Voltage (MV)

Medium Voltage equipments consist of the following Ring Main Unit, Transformers and connecting bus ducts.





Low Voltage (LV)

Low voltage equipments consist of the following, distribution panels, power factor corrector panel, sockets & light outlets and fixtures, cables and switches.



Low Current Systems

These systems are divided into several sections such as Fire Alarm, Closed Caption Television (CCTV), Public address & sound, Master Antenna Television (MATV) and Smart Home solutions.




Computer & Telecom Systems

The system includes computer Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) and Analog, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Digital and VOIP telephone systems.




Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System (HVAC)

The HVAC system includes the heating, ventilation, humidification and air conditioning of buildings.





Power Generation and Backup Systems

Power generation systems can be either Diesel generators, PV systems and / or wind power generation and the system can work as primary or backup power system.



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